thoughts and other things (sheer_ingenuity) wrote,
thoughts and other things

What are you, STRUPID?

Hello again! My mom bought party mix, comprised entirely of various chips of chocolate, differing in size and flavor, and I think there are a few peanuts thrown for good measure. I don't say it often, but it is TASTY.

I say tasty all the time...I'm a huge liar.

Just a forewarning - this blog, come September, will exist for one purpose only. Complaining. Obviously, that's the general slant of most of my material already. But, the complaining will take on a more specific tone. Mostly, well, entirely because I'm kinda sorta the editor-in-chief of my schools newspaper! Yikes.

Ahaha, it's laughable, the prospect.
The thing of it is, is, it's not a prospect. It's the truth. The truth. The truth. The truth.

Yup, no matter how many times I say it, still scary. I haven't heard back from half the staff yet...should I be concerned?

Maybe this will all turn out warm and rosy, like...Devil Wears Prada. Except that doesn't work at all, because Meryl Streep was the heartless editor-in-chief, and I just wanna be the pretty intern who gets a fabulous new wardrobe and occasionally kisses Adrien Granier. Yes, this is a very problematic comparison indeed.

I suppose I'm intimidated because dating back, oh, five hundred years or so, my predecessors have all been akin to one another in that they were organized, punctual, and so much more involved than I. I'm an under-the-radar sort of person - you know, an album review here, a snide comment there and so the story goes. And now, I have the 12 unwritten editorials looming, and the sole responsibility of keeping The Crown from being unintentionally humourous.

Nobody reads these days anyways, right? Book-learnin' is a thing of the past! Ha...Ha.

Oh Lordy.


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