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Sorry to have to do this

Okay, so my plan back-fired (this is Robine, by the way). Instead of Julie getting annoyed with my entry and posting her own, she was like, "oh yeah, do that anytime. it's actually kinda refreshing. I could add your name to the blog if you want." But that is not what I want. I had a blog (if you could call it that, it was really more of a blig) and then realized I suck at it. I just want to waste hours upon hours reading other peoples' blogs. And lurking, always lurking, never commenting. That is what I want. 
But here I am, bliggety-blogging. What can I write about? Well, I'll share about my day. Today is my day off. I had two objectives for today: 1) go shopping and find a cheap new jacket or some cheap comfy dress shoes, both for teacher's college/practicum and 2) take off the last bit of wallpaper in my kitchen, for which I have already moved the stove. So far I have attempted and failed number 1, and not gotten started on 2. Let's talk about 1). It was seriously depressing. Of course I knew going in that I was shopping for fall stuff, and so it was not likely to be on sale. But honestly, what business does Old Navy have charging $50 for a jacket with no lining that doesn't even have any buttons? Seriously! And shoes! Don't get me started on shoes for ladies size 10. The only ones that are ever on sale are the huge chunky ones. Hello! size 10 people will never buy those, not for 5 cents. Size 10 feet are big, why would I want shoes to make my feet look bigger, and myself look like a big tall ogre? Why? Can't you just make me some nice black dress shoes that are not plastic and don't dig into my heels and don't cost  $50 when they're only worth about $12? Why? And don't get me started on those centre court vendors who won't take no for an answer. I said no, I do not want a free demo, because you are going to use that free demo to make me feel sorry for you and buy your useless product. Do I look like I have time and money to waste? I hate malls right now. And that is very unlike me.
But, on the very small bright side, I found a cookie that changed my life. After my disgruntled "shopping" experience, I decided I needed something from Timothy's World Coffee. And it was going to be sweet and so very far from boring and all for me. So I looked at things and the lady behind the counter looked at me. I picked up a saran-wrapped shortbread cookie with something chocolate in the middle but I couldn't tell quite what so, naturally, I squished it. And the lady saw me squish it. So I then I felt I had to buy it. Well. That was the best decision I ever made. The chocolate thing? A whole triangle of toblerone chocolate. It made the whole excursion worthwhile.

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