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Hello readers of Julie's blog!

This is not Julie. It is I, her sister, Robyn. I have commandeered this blog because, well, I have nothing better to do right now.  And I thought, "wouldn't it be funny if the password Julie gave me to set up my (now defunct) Livejournal account was the same one she uses for hers?" And lo and behold--it is! This entry probably won't be around for very long. Julie might be tres annoyed with me because I'm cramping her cynical hipster style with my bubble gum cheek, but she has the power to delete.

So what's going on with Julie's life? Well, she's still working at the garden centre, flashing that bobbly ponytail around like her shit don't stink. She went camping with her g-town friends this past week-end, and had one night of  wet camping misery with her sisters not as recently. The said night of misery is now, of course, quite amusing for us to reflect upon, especially the somber drive home and the insistence that we all eat bacon and eggs and watch the Last Unicorn when we got home, instead of sleeping the whole afternoon.

She has been scheduled to work the holiday Monday, which is sad for me because I wanted her to work for free and help me take down wallpaper and paint my kitchen on that day. And then have a paint fight in our underwear. *sigh*

Alright, Julie, I see now that blogging isn't as easy as it looks. But that's still no excuse for writing about things like Pilate. or pilates. I am curious how long it will take you to discover this li'l gem of an entry. Anyone ready to place bets? 

So long, folks. This will likely be the last time you hear from me, as Julie will promptly change her password next time. Sayonara. Al vitise. Good bye.


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