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AWWWWWWW, I really didn't want to be at THIS point know, realizing its been about a month...and having to apologize to no one for not being a diligent blogger. So let's not be at that point again. Let's carry on, brush past that and get to the goods.

...Hmm, turns out there are no goods. I could bitch about something again? All in favour say I?

Well, I concluded something today. Pilates new album just happens to be  the new X&Y. Highly anticapted, only come out of the oven as one big batch of underwhelming served with a substanstial side of dissapointment.

And NOW, with my  windows media player on random, a song from Pilates first excellent  album randomly came on, and it's just makin' me sad.
"In a sea of painted whispers did I drown?" No Pilate, not this time. This time you drown in a a sea of shallow lyrics, unoriginal rhythms, rushed tempos and radiohead-knock-off videos.

Gah, this hurts even more than the Pirates of the Caribbean II (like seriously, swallowed by a sea monster?)

Thank-goodness for Rogue Wave's 'Eyes' eh Laura?

EDIT: Ooookay, so I've given Pilate a solid hour of my time, and it doesn't totally blow. There are 5, not 4, songs that I have actually taken a liking too. Therefore, it moves up from the ranks of stinky sophmore album, to safe-but-satisfying sophmore album.

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