May 19th, 2006

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Forgive me for devoting an entry to this but - MARISSA DIED?

Okay, I haven't seen the O.C in months, partly because I didn't have a T.V in my dorm and mostly because it's complete garbage. But COME ON. That is just stupid stupid stupid. The decision to have Marissa kick the can just proves what a truly pathetic writing staff must be on board over at Orange County. Remember last year when they had to shock everyone out of bordom by snuffing out Caleb? Remember when they had to shock everyone out of boredom by almost snuffing out Ryan's brotha? Remember when they had to shock everyone out of boredom by snuffing out Johnny? Remember that? I mean really, if every T.V show operated under this "if it's boring, snuff it" mentality, the wonderful world of television would be a very tiny little town. And since when were unlikely hook-ups and unncessary sexing not enough to entertain an audience? What a world what a world...

I almost feel bad for Mischa you know, she must have left the show under the false belief that she was talented enough to pursue a career in acting beyong the realms of the small screen. Little does she know in three years she'll be that girl who used to be on the O.C. And little does the O.C know that in three years it'll be that show that sucked three years ago.
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I've been busy! With lots of books, learning, and other knowledgable fare? Of course not! With my first little video snippet. Corny yes, but a feat nonetheless.  Just call me Julie Coppola