May 15th, 2006

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Grey's Anatomy was two solid hours of well oiled Soap Opera gold. Except instead of the Nurses Ball, they actually devised a story line that brought in a prom for grown-ups. Drama drama drama.

Moving on to more pressing matters, the gals and I have been talking about this issue frequently over the last several days, more frequently than usual that is. Like many of our conversations, it involved fictional characters of the opposite sex. This time around, we were discussing a fave archetype of ours - the jerk, the asshole, the prick, the arrogant but lovable manboy. Why is it that we women just can't help falling for the guy who's ego is so big it could eat itself for breakfast? To clarify, I'm not talking about the yuppie with the big bank account ala Reggie from the Archie Comics, or the cocky jocks on the school varsity teams. I'm talking about the GRUMPS and the CYNICS, the ones usually completed by a sick and sardonic sense of humour. Yes, they are mean, and often times set out to hurt feelings, lots of them. But they just do it so well. Their wit makes them sexy, their agnst makes them mysterious, and their damage makes them vulnerable. All these elements = yummy.

Still not speaking my language? Let me elaborate. Seeing as I haven't actually known anyone who fits this profile (well...that's a lie, but he would be weird to mention), I will trace this dude in and out of my own experiences with movies, music and tv. To begin: This sort of repulsive yet alluring behaviour is present at any age. It first manifests itself in the young punky bastard who has a problem with authority and issues with his parents. Holden Caufield and Igby lastname Goes Down. They hate everyone, and they would probably hate you. But darn diddles you love em' anyway. Even the old ladies love them. Miss Jacobs loved Pacey Witter alittle too much. Anyways, every girl somehow believed that they can break them out of their rebellious adolescent stage. But, earth to ladies, it's not a stage. They grow up and stay the same, but when you least suspect it, they slip in alittle of that tenderness and brilliance that simply makes your heart beat faster. Don't even try to tell me you don't adore Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites.

Fast-forward a few more years and you get the Gregory House, the Dr. Cox and the George Mason. As it turns out our cheeky little boys aged like a fine wine. They still mock, cheat, lie and laugh at your misfortune. But just like when he said he hated the prom but you wish he'd ask you anyway, you love him. When he finally lets you in, you don't ever want to leave.

Surely, if this were real life, any women to get involved with such a man would be crazy, right? 'Fraid not. While I've never been presented with the opportunity, I don't just watch House for the catchy theme song. These boys, rather, these men, can get away with it, simple and plain. The right to be an ass is earned. And the men I mentioned have earned it.

If this kind of behaviour doesn't make you swoon, it atleast makes you desperate to please, because a compliment from the boss is like the freakin' olympic torch. It shouldn't be so significant, but it makes you warm and fuzzy all over.

To reiterate, this really doesn't say alot about real life, I'm really just talking about T.V again. Just THINK how much longer my posts will be when I finally snag myself a man of my own. For now, I will just invite you to raise your cup in a toast to the Jerks. On three, one two three: "you asshole!...wanna makeout?"
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