April 30th, 2006

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As I reminisced over the past year of school the other night, something became very clear to me. I simply could not have done it alone. While bff Erin was a tremendous wealth of support and amusement, the success of my second year of Redeemer University is attributed largley to another great friend of mine. This friend accompanied me on a daily basis. Whatever event I participated in, this friend was near, offering unquestioned loyalty. My fellow peers, I cannot stress the positive effects enough a staple everday light jacket can bring to you, your social life, and your every-day fashion consciousness. Since being purchased nearly two years ago off a reduced rack at Old Navy, my army-style chord jacket has not left my shoulders for more than 48 hours. I did not realize my reliance on this particular peice of clothing until reviewing the past few months in pictures. Whether I was slumming, bumming, or clubbing, I wore it. Girls, boys, moms and dads, I only hope each and every one of you gets to experience a relationship as fufilling as the one of me and my jacket.