February 17th, 2006

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Captain's Log Stardate February 17, 23:43

If you don't know what a bit torrent is, you should just go, as in, cease to exist. Alright, that's alittle harsh. But seriously, you need to catch wind of the new bit torrent revolution. In the span of, oh, say, 2 hrs, i have downloaded 10 full albums. They go right into my My Music Folder, each with there own little peice of album art. This is no Limewire kids. This is something much bigger.

But it's also a bit of an issue. With literally thousands of full lenght albums at my disposal, I'm having trouble drawing the line. I've got the essentials taken care of, and have the branch-out bases pretty much covered. And now, the guilty pleasures are running rampant. What's to stop me from downloading Maroon 5? BSB? Jigga? for the love of all things holy, MADONNA? Nothing, that's what. The tunes that I usually I usually keep locked away from public eyes are multiplying like rabbits.

Oooh! Savage Garden! Truly Madly Deeplyyyyyes..

...Somebody. Stop me.

*Cleanses self with a heavy dosage of all things designated 'cool/indie/underground'*
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